Pre-roll video ads are a type of advertising that allows publishers to generate revenue from their video content. These ads are typically played before a video starts, and can be used to promote a product or service. Pre-roll ads can be beneficial for publishers who are looking to make incremental revenue gains from video players on their websites. In this blog post, we’ll discuss what pre-roll video ads are, how they work, and why they may be a good option for your website or blog.

Pre-roll video ads are short video ads that play before the main content of a video.

Pre-roll video ads have become extremely popular in the recent years, as they offer publishers excellent monetization opportunities. By displaying a short ad that plays before the main content of their video, publishers can easily drive revenue and maximize their overall ad performance. These ads are taking off quickly and it’s not hard to see why – with pre-roll video ads, publishers can generate revenue while boosting viewer engagement at the same time. Video is a valuable inventory type for publishers and the ad industry as a whole continues to move away from static display ads towards more engaging ad formats like video. As such, this type of ad is an invaluable asset for any publisher who wants to successfully monetize their video content.


Pre-roll video ads are a great way for publishers to monetize their content and increase CPMs.

Pre-roll advertisements are a powerful tool for publishers wishing to increase the value of their ad inventory and advertisers seeking high-quality impressions. Because the advertiser’s promotional clip plays before the viewer can access the chosen content. This setup ensures that viewers have no way of skipping past part of the ad, thereby ensuring maximum reach for advertisers. By having an increased chance of engagement and brand exposure, advertisers pay more, and publishers can make higher profits from their videos, thus boosting their overall ad revenues. It is why many publishers turn to this kind of system to make sure they get the most out of their marketing investments.


Pre-roll video ads should be relevant to the content of the video they appear before, and should not be too long or intrusive.

Pre-roll video ads can be a great way for publishers to maximize ad revenue, but it’s important that they are relevant to the content of the video they appear before. Ads should not be too long or intrusive so as to not disrupt user experience and engagement, as that can harm ad performance. Performing research into audience behaviour prior to selecting appropriate length for pre-rolls is essential, both for ensuring user satisfaction and getting optimum returns on investment.


Tracking analytics for pre-roll ads are a crucial metric for publishers

Pre-roll video ads are a great way for publishers to earn additional revenue, as they are typically short and effective. They are usually between 5 and 20 seconds long when played before the content, and viewers have the option of skipping them after 5 seconds. Since viewers have the option to skip, analytics can be tracked easily by keeping an eye on who skips and who chooses to watch until the end. In this way, pre-roll video ads offer unparalleled convenience for both users and publishers alike.

Monitoring the completion rate for pre-roll video ads is an effective way for publishers to gauge how successful their ad campaigns are. By tracking the number of viewers who view the full ad or skip the ad, publishers can determine how well their campaign is performing. This information can be used to create more effective video campaigns in the future. Video completion rate is a crucial metric for advertisers looking to ensure that their content is viewed by as many people as possible, in full, to measure the value of placing an ad on a particular site.

Tracking the viewability of your ad inventory is another important metric that will increase the value of your inventory to advertisers. According to Media Rating Council, a video is considered “viewable” if  if 50% of the pixels of the ad are visible in the viewable space of the browser for at least two continuous seconds. Advertisers bid on website with high viewability, making this a crucial metric to track in order to secure high-quality advertisers for your website.

Pre-roll video ads are a great way for publishers to monetize their content, increase CPMs and maximize ad revenue. It is important that pre-roll video ads are relevant to the content of the videos they appear before and not too long or intrusive in order to ensure user satisfaction and maximum returns on investment. Tracking analytics such as completion rate and viewability will also help publishers determine how well their campaigns are performing, allowing them to create more effective strategies in the future. Setting up pre-roll video ads can seem daunting at first but with proper research into audience behavior and an understanding of what advertisers look for in terms of value, it should be no problem!