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Get More From Your Inventory

Use machine learning technology to instantly increase your viewability above 80%, resulting in higher CPMs, better ad deals, and more revenue.

viewify technology dashboard

Smart Technology

Get access to a highly customizable intelligence platform deployed through a machine learning model built to maximize performance, bundled in a lightweight, easy-to-deploy html tag to enhance your header bidding strategy.

didna ad refresh

Granular Ad Refresh

Implementing a smart refresh strategy can boost the value of inventory and drive up impressions and CPMs. Set rules down to the line item or device level to take full control of the ad stack and optimize user experience.

active tab monitoring viewify

Active Tab Monitoring

Active tab monitoring ensures a user is on page and ad is in view before refreshing or rendering, resulting in viewability increase up to an average of 80%. Lazy load settings are completely customizable.

I don’t see a future where we could not use Viewify. The refresh settings are a core part of making sure we’re hitting our viewability goals. It’s helped us generate more ad inventory and increase the value of our users, ultimately contributing to us meeting and exceeding our monthly, quarterly, and annual revenue targets.
Senior Director, Programmatic Partnerships 
Sports Industry

See Your Viewability Metrics Improve Instantly

A powerful yet easy-to-deploy toolkit


Your website is unique, and so are your visitors. So why are you treating them all the same?

Automatically deploy customized ad experiences and strategies based on user characteristics, device, campaign, and much more. Allocate more screen time to higher-value ad campaigns, and increase refresh times when more impressions are needed to increase revenue. Viewify allows publishers to go as granular or global as needed, all while intelligent technology works in the background to increase baseline KPIs.

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