How much ad revenue should my site be earning?

monthly pageviews


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The majority of web publishers only utilize one ad exchange, allowing them to control the bidding process and dissolves the clarity in the amount the advertiser pays and the amount the publisher receives.

Header Bidding

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Web publishers can offer their ad inventory to multiple ad exchanges utilizing header bidding to increase the competition for ad inventory - resulting in higher prm.


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Utilizing a combination of programmatic techniques and toolsets, diDNA can both reduce the complex set up time of specialized ad configuration and help maximize earnings.

DiDNA optimizes ad inventory for publishers nationwide.

1+ Billion


Over 40k


160 Million


2k Ads


Maximize ad revenue

DiDNA combines programmatic advertising, predictive modeling, machine learning and automation to help publishers optimize ad yield.

Simple setup

A full-service agent helps guide you through the integration process. Most of our clients are up in one day.

Double, triple or quadruple your revenue

Even if you are already using header bidding technology, we can often significantly increase your ad yield.

Brand safety

Easily configure settings to control ad content served on your site- preventing unwanted ads and protecting direct sale commitments.

Automation efficiency

Our platform significantly reduces the time to setup header bidding code, making our toolset a great asset to experience marketing technology experts.

Enhanced Analytics

Gain powerful insights from observed trends and behavioral patterns to aid in your ongoing business strategy.

Utilize existing content

No need to rethink your content strategy, if you have consistent site traffic we can help improve your revenue.

Featured Publishers

The ad technology industry stacks the deck in the favor of the advertisers and ad exchanges. Tools for running comprehensive ad revenue reports are almost non-existant — leaving publishers last in line after DSPs, SSPs, Ad networks, and ad exchanges take larger pieces of the ad earnings. We started diDNA to help publishers force ad exchanges to be more competitive, to help publishers compete with other publishers for premium rpm, and to ensure all ad inventory is filled with the highest paying ads.

- Deke Hooper, Founder. diDNA