diDNA Dialogues

Join VP of Sales, Josh Calcanis, as he interviews top industry trendsetters, disrupters, and long-time advertising pros to learn how they got where they are, what their businesses do, and what we can learn from their success.

How Personalization is Changing the Publishing Landscape

Johanna Bergqvist, VP of Strategic Partnerships, EX.CO

How Protecting Users Leads to Strong Publisher Relationships

LD Mangin, CEO and Co-Founder, Confiant

How MuscleCarsAndTrucks.com Became a Leading Online Automotive Publication

Manoli Katakis, Founder, Tri-Power Media, LLC, 

The Importance of Revenue Diversification

Colin Sparaco, Senior Director, Digital Revenue Operations, The Infatuation

Understanding, Owning, and Activating Your Audience

Keith Abbey, VP Publisher Growth, Sovrn

Empowering the Sell Side with Red Volcano

Barrie Jarman, CEO and Founder, Red Volcano

Distribution, Engagement, and Monetization

Giovanni Punzo, CEO & Co-Founder, Streann Media

You Never Really Have One Customer with Trion

Paul Calento, CEO, Trion Interactive

From a Physician Assistant to CEO & Founder

David Max, CEO, HuskerMax

Disrupting the Way Publishers Tackle Video

Yael Schuster, Head of Client Success, Aniview

Building an Adaptive Engagement Experience

Hersh Patel, CEO and Founder, Hindsight Solutions

The Ad Industry from Two Perspectives

Bob Regular, CEO, Infolinks

Exploring the Power of Addressability

Andrew Baron, SVP of Marketplace and Addressability, PubMatic

Building a 1,800,000 Person Community

Scott Trench, CEO, BiggerPockets

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