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Ad tech partners, DSPs, SSPs, and more can access new ad revenue opportunities via the diDNA strategic partnership network

Monthly Ad Impressions

Publishers in the diDNA Ecosystem

Our ecosystem of curated ad tech companies, SSPs, DSPs, and other publisher-facing vendors easily integrate as value-add solutions for our publishers, creating a more cohesive and rewarding advertising environment for all. Use our premium inventory to maximize your ad revenue and grow your client base.

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Why diDNA

A diverse group of strategic partners are selected to be part of the diDNA ecosystem. Here’s what it could mean for you:

Access Millions of New Impressions Overnight

With a simple integration, you’ll have access to the entire diDNA ecosystem across 40,000 publishers with 20+ billion monthly impressions. Instant revenue for you!

Endless Revenue Opportunities

We sit at a unique crossroads in the advertising world. With exclusive relationships at every level of the demand to supply chain, diDNA offers endless opportunities to maximize ad revenue for our publishers and strategic partner network.

Instant Lift in Ad Performance

diDNA clients see industry leading performance. We average a 100-150% revenue increase, 98% viewability, 80-95% fill rates, and improved inventory value in as little as 90 days.

Exclusive Google MCM Program Partner

We have been selected by Google as an MCM (Multiple Customer Management) Program Partner, due to our quality, viewability, and performance. As an MCM Partner, our Publishers have exclusive access to Google’s Open Bidding, Premium Google (AdX) Demand, and Programmatic Direct (Preferred Deals and Programmatic Guaranteed). This means even more transparency and monetization opportunities for you!

What You Get

Fastest Time To Value

diDNA partners and their users get results fast. We see industry leading fill rates, RPMs, viewability & more. Don’t believe us? Find out for yourself!

Access to 40,000 New Users

Our enterprise users can easily add your technology or service right within their diDNA portal with one simple click of a button.

Additional Revenue Streams

Our platform has made it possible to offer premium demand across display, video, CTV and more to your publisher users, generating more revenue for you.

Proven Industry Leaders

Collaborate with industry leaders in the Prebid community, a Google MCM partner, and a US-based revenue optimization team dedicated to identifying more ways to win together.

diDNA Intelligence Suite

Utilizes proprietary lazy loading, user engagement monitoring, and dynamic price floors to further optimize your ad inventory.

Google Open And Exchange Bidding Management

Experience all the benefits of server to server bidding without the complicated setup. 50% faster load times and higher CPMs resulting in more ad revenue.

Shockingly Simple Setup

A single tag is all you need to test our product suite. There’s no interruption on your existing platform – just us in the background, making you more money.

Multiple Ways to Integrate

Connect through numerous industry standard integrations like Prebid, GAM, or direct on page – all optimized by the diDNA core technology.

Brand Security And Malvertising Suite

Block bad ads and quickly fill with another ad to avoid missing out on revenue.

Self-Service Client Portal

Manage header bidders, OB, Exchange bidding, GDPR/CCPA compliance, and other ad management items with a click of a button.

Leading Video Demand Integrations Through VAST/IMA

Simplify implementation with industry standard integrations optimized with our technology while remaining player agnostic and increasing fill rate and CPMs.

Real Time And Pass Through Reporting

See daily ad revenue, CPMs, performance per network all in visually appealing graphs and reports, so you can see where every dollar is coming from.

Auction Management And Optimization

The platform runs experiments at a macro level to continue to identify and implement trends for the maximum amount of ad revenue without any manual work.

Ad Deployment Management

Easily detect errors and correct them, identify poor performing units for revenue and load time, and improve page speed load times without the manual work saving you time and money.

Managed Prebid Adapter

Integrate all of the diDNA ad technology and demand in one single prebid compile if you host your own prebid.js.

Proprietary Rules Engine To Create And Monitor Optimization Rules

Machine Learning and AI Algorithms control floors, pricing strategies and dynamic audience tagging to in-realtime to improve the yield and revenue without intervention.

Success Stories

“Overall: It was a great experience working with the Didna team! Would highly recommend them to other companies…Super sophisticated system and straight forward features.”

Nimrod Rochman

Director of MP, Direct Supply Operations, Aniview

“diDNA has always been more of a partner than just a technology vendor. They always go the extra mile in finding new solutions that could benefit our ad-operations…Their product delivers the impact it promises, and their team is there when you need them. Can’t ask for more.”

Aya Uryu

COO, Nordot USA Inc


“[The] diDNA team is very professional and data oriented. This enables them to prevent problems before they occur and keep on maximizing the partnership…Their innovation and response times are better than we’ve experienced before.”

Yoav Peled

Head of Operations, Vidazoo

Let’s Get Started

Designed for publishers, ad tech partners, and everyone in between, diDNA sits at a unique crossroads between machine learning software and an experienced team of ad operations professionals, dedicated to driving revenue increases for your business.