Adding Premium Demand

Adding more demand to bid on your inventory is the simplest way to maximize programmatic ad revenue. Access 70+ top tier exchanges for your video, display, and CTV ad units – all with a single tag.

Our Exchange Partners

Get more from your video player

Programmatic video ads are one of the most crucial parts of a monetization program that hits above average ad revenue numbers. Our VAST tag is optimized to target an 80% fill rate for all instream, outstream, and custom in-banner video inventory. The tech is wrapped into one single tag competing to push bid pressure (and overall revenue) higher.

Deploy in your current player or through your Google Ad Manager as a line item – making integration easy and quick!

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Hit display revenue targets

Maximizing your display ad revenue starts with having premium partners.

Our display tag is designed to utilize our technology stack when our bidder wins, optimizing each specific display unit. Dynamic price floors, ad refresh, and lazy load are included in the tag, ensuring you see maximum revenue every time an auction is won.

Deploy the tag as a Google Ad Manager line item. Fast, simple, and high impact.

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Why Publishers Choose diDNA

40,000+ publishers worldwide choose diDNA to manage their ad operations. Here’s why:

70+ Premium Demand Partners

Easily plug into our 70+ demand partners for display, mobile, video & CTV as well as PMP access. Add our one line of code and watch your revenue grow.

Dedicated Revenue Optimization Team

You’re getting more than just a cutting-edge advertising platform with user-friendly tools and transparent reporting. You’re getting the entire diDNA revenue optimization team that has one focus: how to make you more money.

Curated Adtech Products and Partners

We know optimized programs involve a sophisticated tech stack. Our partner network of leading adtech products and services ensure you’re getting the most amount of revenue possible.

Exclusive Google MCM Program Partner

We have been selected by Google as an MCM (Multiple Customer Management) Program Partner, due to our quality, viewability, and performance. Our Publishers have exclusive access to Google’s Open Bidding, Premium Google (AdX) Demand, and Programmatic Direct (Preferred Deals and Programmatic Guaranteed). This means even more transparency and monetization opportunities for you!

What You Get

Fastest Time To Revenue

diDNA clients get results fast. We average a 100-150% revenue increase, 98% viewability, 80-95% fill rates, and improved inventory value in as little as 90 days.

Shockingly Simple Setup

A single tag is all you need to use our product suite. There’s no interruption on your existing platform – just us in the background, making you more money.

70+ Premium Demand Partners

With a strong stance against reselling and arbitrage, you’ll see direct relationships with our premium demand partners so you get the ad revenue you deserve.

Multiple Ways to Integrate

Connect through numerous industry standard integrations like Prebid, GAM, or direct on page – all optimized by the diDNA core technology.

diDNA Intelligence Suite

Utilizes proprietary lazy loading, user engagement monitoring, and dynamic price floors to further optimize your ad inventory.

Leading Video Demand Integrations Through VAST/IMA

Simplify implementation with industry standard integrations optimized with our technology while remaining player agnostic and increasing fill rate and CPMs.

Proven Industry Leaders

Collaborate directly with industry leaders in the Prebid community, a partner in the Google MCM Program, and a US-based revenue optimization team dedicated to continuously identifying more ways to win together.

Proprietary Rules Engine To Create And Monitor Optimization Rules

Machine Learning and AI Algorithms control floors, pricing strategies and dynamic audience tagging to in-realtime to improve the yield and revenue without intervention.

Google Open And Exchange Bidding Management

Experience all the benefits of server to server bidding without the complicated setup. 50% faster load times and higher CPMs resulting in more ad revenue.

Cookieless Tracking

With leading identity resolution solutions integrated directly into our platform, you’re able to further understand your audience and earn more from advertisers.

Self-Service Header Bidder Management

Automate and optimize your header bidder wrapper with a click of a button and a single line of javascript – it’s that simple.

Real Time And Pass Through Reporting

See daily ad revenue, CPMs, performance per network all in visually appealing graphs and reports, so you can see where every dollar is coming from.

Auction Management And Optimization

Run experiments to identify and implement trends for the maximum amount of ad revenue without any manual work.

Managed Prebid Adapter

Integrate all of the diDNA ad technology and demand in one single Prebid compile if you host your own prebid.js.

Self-Service Client Portal

Manage header bidders, OB, Exchange bidding, GDPR/CCPA compliance, and other ad management items directly in your self-serve portal. 

Advanced Caching System

Proprietary method used to increase ad load times and decrease latency on your site while still delivering the highest quality ads.

Success Stories

“Integration into our systems was flawless and a custom dashboard is created to highlight day over day changes. diDNA has provided access to exchanges we were not able to secure on our own and they bring a level of expertise to header bidding best practices.”

Colin Sparaco

Senior Director, Digital Revenue Operations, The Infatuation

“diDNA has become the easiest way for us at USSSA to monetize our content. Whether it’s their programatic display ads, or pre-rolls before video. The biggest benefit we have seen with diDNA is our ability to greatly increase our revenue per ad compared to what we were previously receiving. The diDNA team makes it simple to get their product working on your website. “

Bernard Guenther

VP Advanced Media, USSSA

“Great company, great technology stack and nothing but a positive experience. The diDNA team is top notch. We got up and running with them in days and they immediately added new revenue to our bottom line. We continue to discover new ways to leverage their technology and grow our business.”

Eric Orrantia

Director, Advanced TV and Programmatic Sales, ODK Media Inc

Let’s Get Started

Designed for publishers, ad tech partners, and everyone in between, diDNA sits at a unique crossroads between machine learning software and an experienced team of ad operations professionals, dedicated to driving revenue increases in the publisher advertising space