Vaughn.Live grows ad revenue 109% with diDNA

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20 additional ad units drove an 80% increase in impressions per pageview


Vaughn.Live saw a 109% increse in average monthly revenue with diDNA


In early 2023, Vaughn.Live had built up an active, dedicated community of content creators and their fans.Because of being a streaming platform with strong community, average time on site and core engagement metrics were high, indicating a strong opportunity to generate strong programmatic ad revenue growth if the team could capitalize. 

However, total programmatic ad revenue was low as the team was wary about degrading user experience if they were too aggressive with their advertising strategy. 

The Vaughn.Live team was interested in expanding its ad revenue streams but needed help from an outside ad ops team to implement a comprehensive strategy that didn’t disrupt user experience. They were looking for a team of programmatic advertising experts with deep expertise in header bidding, live streaming software, video and display advertising, web and in-app monetization, and more. They decided to work with diDNA to improve their ad tech stack and increase incremental revenue for the company.


By taking a collaborative approach to onboarding and activation, diDNA and the Vaughn.Live team were able to get up and running in full in under two weeks in April 2023. This rapid onboarding allowed the client to quickly capitalize on diDNA’s technology while minimizing transition times to maintain normal revenue operations. Notable implementations included:

  • Updated in-stream and out-stream video player
  • New places to add additional display ad units without sacrificing user experience
  • Tested different ad refresh rules to find the combination that maximized RPM while keeping CTR and other target metrics high

By leveraging the expertise of the diDNA client success team and the technology that backs diDNA’s core product offerings, Vaughn.Live was able to add more ad units across the site while continuing to grow its audience. There was no dropoff in core metrics like page views, time one site, or unique sessions.


Average monthly revenue has increased by 109% from when Vaughn.Live was first onboarded in May to current averages in October. Total monthly pageviews has been consistent, thus driving a marked increase in CPM (18%) and Impressions Per Pageview (80%).

Vaughn.Live revenue IPPV

By strategically increasing the total number of Ad Unit placements over multiple months, diDNA has been able to work with the Vaughn.Live team to drive more ad impressions and more revenue without compromising user experience. The total number of placements has increased by 10x without any notable decreases in engagement volume or complaints by users.

Ad Unit placements Per Page by Month

  • April: 2
  • May: 2
  • June: 2
  • July: 9
  • Aug: 9
  • Sep: 9
  • Oct: 20

ad units by month


    In conclusion, Vaughn.Live’s partnership with diDNA has significantly transformed its programmatic ad revenue landscape. Faced with the challenge of boosting revenue without compromising user experience, Vaughn.Live swiftly integrated diDNA’s expertise in programmatic advertising and live streaming technology. The April 2023 onboarding led to impactful changes, including an enhanced video player and strategically placed display ad units. The results are impressive, with a 109% increase in average monthly revenue from May to October, all achieved without compromising core engagement metrics. The progressive rise in ad unit placements, reaching 20 by October, underscores the success of a carefully calibrated ad strategy. This collaboration not only showcases diDNA’s effective solutions but also demonstrates Vaughn.Live’s commitment to growth while prioritizing a seamless user experience.

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      About Vaughn.Live

      Vaughn.Live is a streaming platform whose focus is to provide streamers a place to connect with viewers that are interested in their category. It has thousands of daily users and a diverse content ecosystem designed to support creators of all sizes and their fans.

      “You guys have been amazing to work with and have done something other ad companies were unable to achieve. Myself and my team cannot thank you enough.” 


      – Mark Vaughn, CEO

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