The Infatuation Sees 120% Revenue Increase in 5 Months with diDNA



Increase in Revenue per 1,000 Impressions (RPM)
fill rate


Fill Rate Increase


Increase in Monthly Programmatic Revenue within 5 Months


The leadership team at The Infatuation wanted to capitalize on their strong brand presence by increasing the revenue they were generating from programmatic advertising. They identified a gap in their monetization strategy, and were searching for a solution to the problem without having to hire a full ad ops team for it.

Specific requirements included:

  • Wanted to optimize all digital ad inventory and gain access to even more premium exchanges.
  • Needed direct and indirect campaign trafficking and setup assistance.
  • Needed a partner with ad ops expertise and forward thinking technology solutions.
  • Needed to improve fill rate metrics up to 50%

Overall, The Infatuation needed an outsourced yield management team with a tech stack that would take a holistic approach to increasing fill rates and viewability in order maximize programmatic revenue.

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About The Infatuation

The Infatuation was founded in 2009 and offers its large global community the most trustworthy, useful, inclusive and entertaining recommendations for food, beverage, restaurants and travel.

They are most known for publishing restaurant reviews and guides, and are creators of the hashtag #EEEEEATS.


diDNA was selected as the all in one ad management platform to optimize all inventory and act as a long-term partner in May of 2020. They quickly moved to implement changes that would directly impact revenue by integrating with Google Ad Manager without impacting direct sold orders.

In addition, diDNA focused on getting The Infatuation access to its premium demand partner network within a short period of time without having to go through a lengthy approval process. diDNA is able to expedite the approval process by leveraging the fact that diDNA code exists on 50,000+ publisher websites and apps, creating a unique relationship with Tier I demand partners.

Optimizing the ad exchange by replacing existing code with diDNA code was a priority for the team. This enabled diDNA’s proprietary ad technology to start firing, including proprietary lazy loading, user engagement monitoring, and dynamic price floors that optimize ad inventory and increase revenue.

diDNA also provided a self-service dashboard for real-time reporting, allowing the ad ops team to react quickly to changes in the marketplace and maintain industry-leading results.


The impact of diDNA on The Infatuation’s monetization program realized 5 months after the engagement was fully operational, in December 2020.

  • 337% increase in revenue per 1,000 impressions (RPM)
  • 60% increase in cost per 1,000 impressions (CPM)
  • 70% increase in fill rate

By focusing on improving metrics that directly impact the monetization strategy, diDNA was able to generate a 120% increase in monthly programmatic revenue.

“Integration into our systems was flawless and a
custom dashboard is created to highlight day
over day changes. diDNA has provided access to
exchanges we were not able to secure on our
own and they bring a level of expertise to header
bidding best practices.”
Colin Sparaco

Senior Director of Digital Revenue Operations, The Infatuation

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