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Our Company

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What is DIDNA?

diDNA stands for Digital Information DNA. One of our goals is to provide a usable and highly effective scoring system, or value profile, of a website so the website owner can better understand the behavioral patterns of those individuals navigating their site. Much like the DNA in human blood that acts as an identifier, we are creating a standard digital profile of any website user to predict their behavior and deliver valuable data for highly effective monetization.

Our Story

We love data.


We know data can provide insights never previously thought possible if enough of it is collected and organized properly. So, we process as much data as possible and then provide that neatly wrapped up into something usable for you; the business professional.


In this “Big Data” age, there are a rising number of companies collecting data for marketers — aka the “buyers.” But who is providing a data toolset for the growing number of digital publishers sitting on an untapped pile of monetizable content?


Our journey started when our Founder, Deke Hooper, Mad-Scientist-In-Chief, led an operations team for a large corporation tasked with managing an advertising budget. With an engineering background, Deke turned to SaaS platforms that could generate organized reports to show the effectiveness of the ads the team were buying. They worked for the “Buy-Side”, but then we discovered a huge void in how businesses were managing their own ad inventory (the “Sell-Side”).


For those high traffic site owners that caught the notion of monetizing their traffic via advertising, they approached their newfound revenue stream with the “set it and forget it” strategy. After all, the industry is still brand new and evolving so to go from $0 to $2,000 per month was a for sure win, and seemingly a place to think there isn’t anymore that could be done. With our experience digging deep into the programmatic advertising world for our clients as their AdOps team, we discovered that managing an “SSP” (Supply Side Platform), such as Google DFP which is a great solution, provided endless rules to apply, data sets to sift through, and configurations to optimize within the system. We needed a solution to easily process all the data involved in programmatic ad delivery and give us immediate feedback as to how productive our yield management was.


No solution exists. Period.


So, we built a system that could — and we built it for us. Now, we want to help other publishers and adops teams realize their proper potential for their website, app, or other digital property.


With machine learning technology and methodology, coupled with our expertise in programmatic advertising, we have a very unique and exceptional solution for many looking to optimize their current environment and make their roles easier, more efficient, and produce higher yield.

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